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2 July, 2013

Amish Friendship Bread

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I’ve been reading a lovely book called Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, based around baking Amish Friendship Bread and how it brings people together.  So I was inspired to try it.  I made my own starter using a recipe in the back of the book, and for 10 days of carefully tended to my starter.  Rather than keeping it in the usual bag, I bought a plastic container to keep the starter in so it was easy to give it a shake daily.

Friendship Bread 1

After the 10 days, I decided to start with the basic bread loaves, so followed the recipe (also in the book) to create two wonderful smelling loaves.

Friendship Bread 2 And of course, I had to have a slice!

Friendship Bread 3

The hardest part of this was waiting the 10 days for the starter to be ready, but now it is I can bake more often.  This is a sweet sourdough, and so can be treated as such, being used and fed.  And if you want to give it away then it can be fed more.  I was able to give away some of my starter today – some bread, some starter, and my instructions (download here: Amish Friendship Bread).

You can also check out www.friendshipbreadkitchen.com for the recipes, for over 250 other recipes that you can use your starter for, and for a community based around this amazing food.  Oh, and if you want a starter, then let me know…I’ve got one that is looking beautiful!


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  • Liz
    August 5, 2013 at 9:43 am

    I love this friendship cake! I remember when I was a teenager making it every week for a while. My favourite version was with whole cherries! Thanks for this post, I want to make my own starter now!

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