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1 February, 2013

BBQ Smoked Cajun Chicken

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I was given some smoking boards as a gift, to be used on the BBQ – soak them and then put under the lid of the BBQ with your food to create a delicate smoked flavour.  Our favourite way to do this is with free-range chicken legs. First soak the board – I usually used white wine for this, but you can use water or juice, chop up some onions or shallots (I use locally grown shallots), add a little bit of juice to the chicken legs then cover with a Cajun spice mix and rub in.  Put into a moderately heated BBQ: first the soaked board, then the shallots, and the chicken on top.

130120 Smoked chicken 1

Cooking usualy takes about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of your chicken legs; during this time add small amounts of the soaking liquid to keep board damp and chicken moist.


I like to serve this with a fresh green salad and a potato salad with homemade garlic aioli, boiled free-range eggs, and capers for an easy and tasty dish on a hot evening.

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