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31 December, 2012

Christmas Desserts

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We had a quiet Christmas at home, just the two of us.  But that is no reason to not make the usual Christmas desserts!

First was the trifle, a traditional sherry trifle – but in my new bowl this year.  The secret to a good trifle is to start it early, so on Sunday afternoon The Chief Trifle Maker (aka DH) put the sponge into the bowl, soaked it with sherry, added fruit salad and then jelly (blackberry jelly gives this lovely colour), and it was chilled overnight. Monday (Christmas Eve) I made a thick custard and when cool this was added to the trifle which was again chilled overnight. On Christmas Day, about 9.30pm (it was far to hot here to even think about eating before then), we whipped cream and added that to the top.


Our other dessert for Christmas is pavlova, and I have discovered that mini pavlovas are the best way to go – so many advantages:

  • more chewy crispy edge bits
  • no space taken in the fridge as they can be stored (without cream) in a container in the cupboard
  • everyone gets to put on their pav whatever they like
  • you can vary each time what gets put on your pav

My standard, three egg white, pavlova recipe makes 9 or 10 mini pavs depending on their size. I love my pav covered in fresh berries, the raspberries are even from my garden.

That was Christmas desserts, the trifle is all gone, and there are only a couple of mini pavs left. So for New Years? Tiramisu I think. Got some new mini dessert bowls that need a try out.

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