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1 February, 2016

Cooking a Perfect Steak

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We love steak, and once you learn to cook it properly it is a quick, easy and tasty meal. I buy eye fillet, and ask the butcher to cut it extra thick for us!

The first step to a perfect steak is a skillet, heated up very hot; then place the steaks on – you should hear a sizzle as the go on.1601 Steak Tutorial 1

Then the hard part – just leave it! Let it sizzle and cook, you’ll see a ‘crust’ starting to form.

1601 Steak Tutorial 2

When this crust is about 4-5mm thick, turn the steaks over. Then you should have some lovely grill marks on the seared side.

1601 Steak Tutorial 3

Once both top and bottom of the steak have been seared, then do the same to the sides (will take three or four rounds).1601 Steak Tutorial 4

While the steak is searing, prepare an oven dish with olive oil, salt and pepper (I use flavoured smoked salt).

1601 Steak Tutorial 5When all sides are seared, put the steak in the dish, coating it with the oil and seasoning mix (add extra if you need to).

1601 Steak Tutorial 6Put the steak into an oven preheated at about 150-160 degrees. The cooking time will depend on how you like your steak cooked: press with your forefinger on your face to feel how the steak should feel when it is cooked to your liking.

  • Rare: like your cheek
  • Medium: like your chin
  • Well done: like your forehead

We like medium rare, so somewhere between how my check and chin feel – practice, you’ll get the feel!

Once the steak is cooked, you’ll need to rest, for at least half as long as it was in the oven, but keep it warm. Serve with your choice – we love oven chips, and the vegetables vary depending on the time of year.

1601 Steak Tutorial 7



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