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22 May, 2011


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I’m always on the lookout  for new uses for my crockpot – meals that are easy and tasty.  And so I discovered a goulash recipe that I adjusted slightly for my crockpot.  Goulash is a Hungarian dish, meat (usually pork, sometimes beef) cooked in a pepper sauce – capiscums, chillis, paprika, and roasted peppers – with carraway seeds which gives it the Hungarian flavour.

The first time I made it with a large piece of pork shoulder – it was really good but a bit fatty.  So the second time I tried it with diced port shoulder – less fat but also less flavour, so I think I need to find a balance between the two.

We have a Hungarian lady at work, she was impressed I’d tried making goulash and she tasted it and said it tasted like her mum’s, so I was really pleased.  She also suggested that I serve it with Risoni (pasta in rice shape) which was really good.

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