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5 November, 2015

New Spice Racks

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I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with my spice storage – I have previously had the Masterfoods jars in racks on the inside of my walk-in pantry door, but when we moved we left all the shelves behind so the jars have been in a tray – which is nice and tidy, but not practical for finding the one I wanted to use. Finally a couple of weeks ago I got so fed up with picking up all the jars to read the labels I went online to find a better solution. I found the perfect answer – magnetic spice jars on a metal rack!1511 Spice Racks on Doors

The only problem was that the ones I found were in the USA and expensive, a bit more research and I found I could buy individual jars online, but first I decided to check out my local shops – I like to support local and it would be easier to add to my collection. I went into the local kitchen shops, showed them my picture, and everyone said ‘what a good idea, but no we don’t have them. My final stop was Briscoes, and not only did they have what I wanted, but it was 1/3 of the original price because it was on clearance.

I have a lot of different spices, so I knew I needed at least 12 of the 4 spice racks, I cleared out my local shop then went online and cleaned them out too! I decided that 18 would fit nicely in my pantry (9 per door) and would give me spare ones as I wouldn’t be able to get anymore if they were on clearance. So I bought the last lot directly from another South Island store!

They look amazing on the doors, and are using otherwise dead space.

I used my label maker to label the tops and the bases of the tins (in case they get separated).

1511 Spice Container

And each one is easily accessible either by taking the lid off, or by turning the lid and using one of the two pouring options.

1511 Spice Container Open

So no more ‘unable to find the correct herb or spice’ problem for me!

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