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18 January, 2013

Quick Friday Night Dinner

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Okay, so it sounds flash and expensive, but it isn’t really…and it is also easy.  One of our favourite summer salad dinners is Venison and Mango Salad, based on Annabel Langbein’s recipe.

First job is to make the venison marinade and the dressing, I have been using a strawberry, honey and balsamic vinegar instead of Balsamic Glaze, it worked really well. Once the venison is marinating, BBQ is switched on, and pot is boiling for the noodles, it is time to get the greens ready and chop up the mango.  Then cook the venison and serve on plates for dinner.

Venison in Marlborough is easy to come by, either wild or farmed, and is approximately the same price as a piece of beef. And in summer mangos are not expensive, so while it sounds expensive, it really isn’t too bad. And it is so good!

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