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22 May, 2012


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For my birthday my brother gave me a gift voucher which I used to purchase a tangine.  It’s getting cooler now so a great time to use it.  A couple of months ago I made some Preserved Lemons, using salt to preserve them over a period of a month.  They look and smell amazing, but they are very salty, so I can only use a small amount at a time.

I made a chicken tangine over the weekend, using Jamie Oliver’s recipe as a base.  I marinated chicken thighs in a mixture of ginger, corriander seeds, cumin, salt, pepper and olive oil for a little while.  Then added to the tangine shallots, celery, fresh lime and a quarter of a preserved lemon, mixed olives, some fennel seeds, and added chicken stock.  I had it in the oven at 180 degrees for about 2 hours until the chicken was falling apart.

I then served it on couscous.  It was very tasty, with lots of citrus zing.  I think there are a lot of other things I can make with my tangine, I’m looking forward to playing a bit more.

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